The products on our website are a partial catalog for North American Market. Please visit Schill Germany and download the complete product catalog.

Quality. Reliability. Innovation.

High-precision ISO manufacturing and quality control processes guarantee the finest quality cable reels in the industry.

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Welcome to Schill Reels North America

Schill GMBH & Co has been manufacturing high-precision cable reels in Fellbach, Germany, since 1948. Being fully ISO-certified (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008), we manufacture the highest quality cable reels and dispensers using only the finest techniques and materials available.

GT Series Professional Line

Unbreakable synthetic rubber,
indestructible reels for professional use - 5 Year Warranty

HT Series Classic Line

Steel, all-steel model line for professional cabling solutions

IT Series Base Line

Plastic & steel, Schill quality, economically priced

SK & SL Series Stage Line

Steel, unbreakable synthetic rubber, polycarbonate, larger format, and fully steel-framed stackable solutions

PL Series Camera Line

Steel and glassfiber reinforced polycarbonate, professional reels with manual or motorized coiling, fully customizable

AL Series Practical Line

Glassfiber reinforced polycarbonate, professional side-by-side reels with front pullc0rd or motorized retractor

Retractable Reels

Plastic and steel versions, compact spring-loaded cable management solution


Custom cases, casters/wheel kits, covers, trolley carts

What we do

Our modular approach to cable reel solutions allows us to offer you a highly flexible, fully-customizable selection of products to meet your exact requirements.

Whether for Industrial, Audio/Visual, Military, Surveying, Mining or other uses, we have the right reel for you!

State of the art technology.

Schill utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality control processes (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008) at their plant in Laichingen/Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. With our own in-house dies, molds and raw materials, Schill can easily adapt to market demand. Our design team is constantly striving to improve every aspect of our product line, often relying on direct customer input to deliver the highest quality product.

At the core.

Schill builds virtually all their reel products around the central theme of customizability. Since each reel’s Core diameter is a critical part of the design, having a direct impact on the type of cable that is to be used, we produce four interchangeable core sizes for each of our reel series with the exception of the GT Series which is a one-piece molded core & flange assembly. Once the appropriate core has been determined, we work with you to decide what basic product line and size is best suited to the application at hand.

Depending on the specific reel model, our Cores also feature different access hole sizes that facilitate the installation of cables that have large pre-terminated connectors: entire cable assemblies can be installed or removed with no need to remove complicated terminations.