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Schill GmbH & Co was conceived in 1948 by the engineer Otto Schill when he created a small portable cable reel for personal use. With that he laid the cornerstone for the innovative company that to this day is characterized by that original pioneering spirit and dedication to customer service.

Success came quickly to Schill: demand for product increased and with it so did the employee count. The product range continuously evolved, products were enhanced and new standards were set. Immo Schill, son of the company founder and also an engineer, came onboard the business, bringing with him new management skills and innovative ideas such as the use of high-quality plastics. As a result, an in-house tool and mold-making facility was implemented. Now with Immo’s sons Ingo and Gerrit running the business, the company is currently in its third generation of family management. The customer base has also increased exponentially, with special emphasis on the Radio, TV and Broadcast divisions throughout the world.

With its headquarters in Fellbach (outside Stuttgart) and its production plant in Laichingen/Baden-Wuerttemberg, today the company employs over 70 people and has become a key player in the international market for high-quality cable reels and accessories.


Schill U.S., managed by Mr. Jim Karnes since 2008, maintains close ties to the family operations in Germany. With many years’ background in professional Audio, TV and Production, Jim’s expertise is your assurance of getting the product that is best suited for your needs.


With 3 decades of experience in TV production and related services, Andrew Allan manages Schill Canada from offices and a fully-stocked warehouse facility in Montreal, Quebec. Schill Canada shares an integrated inventory management system so as to provide a truly integrated North American distribution solution for Schill customers.