The products on our website are a partial catalog for North American Market. Please visit Schill Germany and download the complete product catalog.

GT Series Professional Line

Unbreakable synthetic rubber,
indestructible reels for professional use - 5 Year Warranty

HT Series Classic Line

Steel, all-steel model line for professional cabling solutions

IT Series Base Line

Plastic & steel, Schill quality, economically priced

SK & SL Series Stage Line

Steel, unbreakable synthetic rubber, polycarbonate, larger format, and fully steel-framed stackable solutions

PL Series Camera Line

Steel and glassfiber reinforced polycarbonate, professional reels with manual or motorized coiling, fully customizable

AL Series Practical Line

Glassfiber reinforced polycarbonate, professional side-by-side reels with front pullc0rd or motorized retractor

Retractable Reels

Plastic and steel versions, compact spring-loaded cable management solution


Custom cases, casters/wheel kits, covers, trolley carts